Check In

First things first, checking in.

Simply tell our Guides your first name or your chosen bike number.

They'll then give you the full run down of the entire studio and answer any questions you may have.

Not booked into a class? Click the button below to check out our schedule for this week!

Check Your Spot

After you check in, our Guides will show you where you'll be in the class.

Our spot map will be shown on the screen right behind the front desk.

Want to change bikes? Our Guide's will let you know if there are any spare bikes available and will be more than happy to swap you in!

Get Your Shoes

Once you're all checked in and set up, it's time to collect your shoes.

We use special cycling shoes for our Indoor Cycling Bikes - to ensure to you are safely secured onto the bike whilst you ride.

Do come prepared with your shoes size in mind. Our shoes are sized with EU measurements, click the button below to check out our sizing guide.

Wait For It..

Once you're checked in with your shoes in hand, have a seat anywhere around the studio.

In the mean time, your Instructor will be warming up and preparing the room for you.

Wait for the Ride Room doors to open, your instructor will invite you in to get ready for your class!

Get Ready To Ride

Once the Ride Room doors open, head to the side of the room your bike is located and look for your bike.

The bikes are labelled on both sides so it should be super easy to find!

Once you've found your bike, set your bike up, clip in and do a short individual warm up whilst the rest of the class gets ready.

If you don't know to set up your bike or clip in your shoes, put your hand up and our instructor or Guides on duty will help you out.

And you're ready to ride! You're all set to get going and RISE with us.

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